Who are we?

Pahpiyon Ltd. is a UK registered company incorporated into Companies House 09th December 2015.


Located just north of Manchester in the UK, we're well positioned for working across the country.


We provide a professional, friendly alternative to mainstream consulting businesses, offering a flexible approach to suit your needs. From one-off small projects, to medium term "walking with you" programmes, we're here for you.


We bring more than 25 years of food retail experience, and are used to working in a fast moving, demanding and consistently changing environment.


Specialising in Energy Management, we bring with us a wealth of experience from standing starts, revitalising your progress or simply reviewing your situation.


We also provide support and advice in the very challenging area of Change Management, having both lead and worked within this environment.


Delivering goals with consistency across any business is largely down to communication and understanding. Operational Management is key to this, and are happy to assist and review your processes with you.


Guy Lee-Potter, Director at Pahpiyon Ltd, is an experienced and excellent communicator, enjoying a mix of roles including management consultancy, full-time employment and volunteering. Guy would be very happy to discuss any enquiries you may have - contact details can be found here.